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To the UTMB Group / Assurinco evacuation insurance subscription web site.

For 49€ / year, you can subscribe to an insurance that guarantees you a worldwide coverage for your rescue, repatriation and medical care expenses (including helicopter rescue) during your trail running activity, including training, races and even course inspections.

The insurance also covers the following activities: hiking, trekking, cycling and mountain biking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. You are also covered if you are a professional athlete.

To find out more about the coverage (activities included, limits, terms and conditions...), click on the button " CGV " below.

Enjoy the trails... and stay safe!

The UTMB World Series and Assurinco team

To subscribe to our insurance, click here

Assurinco evacuation insurance 49 € / insured personCGV / IPID

Any questions ? To find out more about the compensation process, see our FAQ